Donor Feature: Helpers Community

Letterman Lodge Renovation Funded By Helpers Community Grant

Letterman Lodge Renovation Funded By Helpers Community Grant

Helpers Community is an organization dedicated to supporting programs like Via Services.

Their mission is to enrich the lives of individuals with developmental disabilities, and they previously provided Via with a grant to renovate one of the sleeping lodges at Via West Campus.

Currently, Helpers Community is funding a renovation of the main lodge floors and the pathway at Via West. The main lodge is the heart of our camp program, and the floors have irreparable damage that is in dire need of repair. Our main pathway throughout campus has also become difficult to navigate for many of our participants with visual impairment and mobility issues and needs to be replaced. Thanks to a generous grant from Helpers Community, both of these projects are now underway!

Harry Harrison, the Executive Director, says that “Via Services provides a critical solution to a need the whole family of individuals with developmental disabilities have as the organization is committed to building social skills, self-confidence, and fostering community living for children and adolescents.” We are so excited to partner with Mr. Harrison and an organization whose mission aligns so well with that of Via Services.