Gill at the Helpers Artisan Boutique

Thank you for featuring Gill at the Helpers Artisan Boutique as well as your ongoing sales for the Cedars artists!

I just ran into a friend at the post office, who told me she was on Union Street recently, killing time before an appointment, and walked by your store. Something in the window caught her eye and she went in, and just fell in love with the place. While browsing she came across the Big Wave section, which she has heard me talk about through the years, and saw my daughter Emmy’s representation. She said how being in the store made her day, changed her mood (she’s always a pretty upbeat person anyways!) It really touched her, which really touched me. What you are doing makes a difference, in so many ways!

Kim Gainza, Executive Board Member, Big Wave Project

Max's card

Thank you tribute

Tribute to: Special Dog, Jack Daniels

My 7-year-old daughter and I enjoyed our first visit to your shop, and especially appreciated the excellent help we received from your staff. So glad to have ‘found’ you and look forward to returning.

Happy Customers!

Great experience! Great customer service! Awesome products! Beautiful idea! Love it!


Friendly staff.


Hi Marilyn
Thank you for ordering my two  additional  coasters. I love them.  I really enjoy shopping in your store.  Chris, and the other person there who manages the store at times were so helpful  in helping me choose items  yesterday.   I also bought one of the vintage ornaments,  Noah’s Ark,  which I think  may be left over from the original store at  Ghirardelli Square?  He said the vintage  ornaments are going quickly, as are the coasters.
     The store was full of nice items.  Chris  told me a lot  about the  various  items, the history,  all the pop up stores you have done, etc. He also helped me find a photo of the 4 ceramic coasters I bought a little while back, and which I had messaged you about. I am elderly, and tech-challenged, and I am  having  some trouble navigating the features on a brand new iPhone. He found the photo in Messages and put it where it is supposed to be on my phone.  As you know, Chris is quite good with the iPhone. He  said he teaches  this  to some of your clients.  After finding the photo, he  taught me how to do a few  little things on my new iPhone , and also how to protect the battery from wearing down. When I tried taking an iPhone class at a senior center a month or so ago, I could not hear the instructor.
     As always, both workers were so kind about my various disabilities. I don’t hear well. I  have to navigate by using two walking sticks, and I have some eye issues. It  takes time for me to  find things with the  strong  glasses I have to wear for walking because of  my strabismus, but which are not good for up -close things. Your workers  are always  so patient and kind and understanding with me .  To say the least, I have not always been treated that way by  people who have so-called “normal”  intellectual and social abilities.  I’m sure other physically challenged persons have occasionally had the same painful and socially isolating experiences as me. Perhaps because they, too, have some disabilities ,which might bring judgement from others, that is part of what makes your employees  so compassionate and considerate.         
Take care, and happy holidays.

Happy Artisan Boutique Customer!