Dear Friends and Supporters of Helpers Community:

Eighteen months ago, Helpers Bazaar retail store, began providing individuals with developmental disabilities mentoring, training and critical learning skills to prepare them for full- time employment in the community. The store also provides artists with developmental disabilities an environment to learn and practice practical social and life skills as well as enabling them to showcase their creations.

This past December, after 20 years of an extremely generous rent free “gift in kind” by the Ghiradelli Square Management, the lease at Helpers Bazaar expired. As a result, the Board of Directors of Helpers was faced with a difficult economic decision of paying rent at a new location, continuing to operate the store at a loss, or permanently closing Helpers Bazaar.

A Re-launch of a New Opportunity!

Remaining committed to our Mission: to support and be a resource for individuals with developmental disabilities, the Board made the decision to re-launch Helpers Artisan Boutique.
In February, we found a fabulous new location in the vibrant, high foot traffic, consumer friendly retail environment of Union Street in San Francisco. In our new location, our commitment is that 100% of all products are made by, designed by or supplied by companies who support individuals with developmental disabilities.

Despite the excitement and joy this opportunity creates for “our clients”, the sustainability of our store due to the addition of a monthly rent becomes a very real challenge.

Share in our Success!

I invite you to join us for the re launch and Grand Opening of Helper’s Artisan Boutique. Be a partner in our journey to make a difference in helping to support our employees with developmental disabilities and the community. Your continued support will make a difference.

Become a partner in Helper’s “Pyramid of Giving”. Your contribution towards our future success can be targeted towards:

  • Sponsoring an employee each month
  • Sponsoring our weekly Artist in Resident program
  • Help subsidize in store and on-line marketing support of our program
  • General operating support to sustain Helpers and their Grant Program

Please visit our site at for more detailed information about how your support can benefit our program and clients lives!

Re- launch of Helpers Artisan Boutique New Beginnings:

We welcome all friends, neighbors and supporters of the Helpers Community to join us for the


Date: Saturday, April 6, 2019
Location: 1947 Union St. (between Laguna and Buchannan)
Time: 11:00am -4:00 pm

Thank you for being a partner in ensuring our success and playing an integral role in our future.

Warm Regards;

Harry Harrison
Executive Director
Helpers Community
917.855.5800 (direct)
415-387-3031 (office)