Grant Process FAQ

Who can apply for a grant?

Organizations that qualify through their commitment to individuals with developmental disabilities can apply for grants for specific job training and mentoring programs or projects, including facility improvement projects, but not for general operating support.

Who reviews my grant request?

All submitted grant requests are initially reviewed and vetted by Helpers Executive Director and the Helpers Community grant award committee. Approved letters of intent are then asked to submit a full proposal which will be reviewed and discussed by The Helpers Community Board of Directors. Upon the recommendation of the grant award committee, The Helpers Board of Directors will then vote to approve their supporting of the submitted proposal, and the amount of the grant to be funded.

How much money should my organization request?

There is a wide range in the dollar amounts of grants awarded. You should determine the amount of funding you need for your project and submit the amount you are requesting in your project overview.

For additional information, please refer to the information included in the grant application drop down menu above.

If our Organization is declined funding, can we reapply?

Yes, you can reapply for the next grant cycle. Helpers Community will only approve one grant submitted by an organization for each calendar year.

For additional information, refer closely to the Helpers Community grant guidelines and criteria in the drop-down menu above.

What is the process an organization has to complete to apply for a grant from Helpers?

Please visit our Grant Process page.

What are the timeline and key dates I need to know when applying for a Helper’s grant?

Letters of interest must be received by January 31st and July 31st of each year. Proposals with requested details and attachments are due March 1 and September 1.

Can I apply for more than one Helpers grant within a calendar year?

No; Although there are two grant cycles each year ( Spring grant cycle deadline January 31st ) ( Fall grant cycle deadline July 31st ), an organization will only be considered for 1 award grant in any calendar year.

Are new nonprofit organizations eligible to apply for a Helper's grant? Are there any additional guidelines or criteria that apply to organizations applying for a first-time grant?

For organizations applying for their first “Request for Funding” (RFF) to Helpers Community, the Board of Directors requires a scheduled site visit to the organization by the Helpers Community Executive Director and additional Board member(s). This required site visit allows us to become more familiar with the organization’s leadership and learn more about the specific program or project area of need.

I am the Executive Director for a Bay Area nonprofit with a mission to provide Day Care and program support for Kindergarten through elementary school children. Is my organization eligible for a Helper’s award grant?

No, Helpers Community provides grant award support to job training programs and program services for Adults (over 18) with Developmental Disabilities.

If a board member or employee of a Bay Area or California nonprofit has a relative, sibling, or significant other who is an employee or board member at Helpers Community is the organization eligible for a Helper’s grant?

As per the Helpers Community Conflict of Interest policy, when a person in a position of authority at an organization, such as an officer, board director, or key employee benefits directly ( financially ) from a decision he or she could make in such capacity, which may include direct or indirect benefits to family member(s) or business(s) with which the person is closely associated, this may be perceived as a potential / perceived conflict of interest. Therefore, the organization would not be eligible for an award grant from HCI.