Thank you – Levi’s Shop for Good

L S & Co’s Team A.B.L.E (Adapting Beyond Limits & Expectations Members): Yulia Groza, Lindsay Yang, Tyler Harris and Helpers Artisan Boutique’s Christipher Morioka,
Marilyn Harrison

The Levi’s Shop for Good is a private holiday shopping  event for Levi’s employees.  Helpers Artisan Boutique was invited to participate by Levi’s Team A.B.L.E., the Levi’s Employee Resource Group, (Adapting Beyond Limits & Expectations). Team A.B.L.E.’s mission is to “create a community where families of, allies of, and people with special needs feel safe and included.  Through education, innovation, and advocacy, we seek to enhance the lives of those in our ERG community.”

Thank you Levi Strauss & Co. for the opportunity to share our holiday gifts and mission goals with your employees!

Here are some fun photos from the event.