As the holiday season begins we’d like to welcome you to the 4th installment of the Helpers Community outreach program; an update on all current activities and recent accomplishments.

These past 12 months, represented a milestone year in the successful re-launch of Helpers Community Inc. The core competencies of our Mission, our resident homes, our retail store and grant program have all been successfully implemented, each with a clear vision, strategy and focus on long term sustainability.

This past month Helpers Community Inc. was recognized by GuideStar, the leading information service specializing in reporting on US nonprofit companies, with their Platinum Seal of Transparency.

During this Season of Giving, Consider Helpers Community Inc.:

The dollar investment we have made during these past 2 years has stabilized our business programs and given us renewed optimism for the coming year. Our commitment remains to be a resource support for the developmentally disabled community, our clients, and our growing list of business partners throughout the Bay Area. Now that the heavy lifting has been completed we are seeking YOUR SUPPORT to help ensure our momentum and continued success.

Our Key Areas of Need and PRIORITY:

  • Support to help sustain Helpers Artisan Boutique
  • Sponsor a client worker to help subsidize employee salaries
  • In store marketing, PR/ advertising support to help continue to raise awareness throughout the Bay Area of our retail store


Garrett’s dream? “To work in an office someday!”

Ways in which you can Support Helpers this Holiday Season:

  • TO DONATE: Visit
  • Helpers “Pyramid of Giving” will provide some examples of support.
  • Make a small monthly, recurring gift to support one of Helpers programs.
  • COMMIT to an annual donation to Helpers towards operational support.
  • Consider a one-time donation via online contribution or check, to be designated by you to your area of most interest.
  • Visit Helpers Artisan Boutique, 1947 Union Street, and make a purchase from our wide variety of gift items. (100% of all items sold at HAB are made by, designed by or supplied to Helpers by organizations that support individuals who are developmentally disabled).

THANK YOU for your ongoing encouragement and your embracement of our mission. Helpers Community is committed to being a primary source of support to the developmentally disabled community.

WE VALUE and APPRECIATE your SUPPORT during this “Season of Giving”.

Together we can continue to make a difference in Enhancing the Lives of individuals with developmental disabilities every day!


“The family-like atmosphere of our homes encourages social connections that are so important to a balanced, healthy life.” 


Harry Harrison
Executive Director
Helpers Community

Helpers Community is a 501c3 nonprofit organization, (Tax ID # 94-1546037). Your donation is tax-deductible within the guidelines of US law.