This is a challenging time for us all.  Our hearts go out to the world and those of us who are experiencing anxiety, grief, disruption and uncertainty.   Yet, we can find some joy and want to share with you some GOOD NEWS about what is happening at Helpers Community during these unprecedented days.

Despite these challenging times for many of our nonprofit partners, Helpers Community is uniquely positioned to provide a measure of hope and optimism. Has there ever been a more trying time than now?   Helpers Community is taking action and reinforcing our mission….a mission that enriches the lives of individuals with developmental disabilities every day.

We truly recognize these challenges, and are committed to utilizing our financial assets to provide assistance that will result in an immediate impact within our community! 

Our Response to COVID-19

A. While Shelter in Place (SIP) and social distancing is in effect:

  • Like all non-essential businesses, Helpers Artisan Boutique is closed until the city determines a Safe reopen date. During such time, all employees will be paid in full while sheltered in place
  • Helpers Community has also provided 2 months’ rent relief to the Pomeroy Center (PRRC).  PRRC provides the staff management and also administers all of our group home programs.
  • Both Resident homes are currently in quarantine and in total compliance with all state Covid 19 group home requirements

B. Helpers 2020 Grant program:

At our April virtual meeting, Helpers board made the unprecedented decision, as the result of the impact Covid 19 is having on our community, and the financial burden being placed on all Bay Area nonprofits, to:

  • Increase the 2020 grant budget by 25%.  Helpers received Requests for Funding that exceeded our budget by 50%. Our budget increased from $250,000 to $315,000.
    • (a) Approved an additional 20% increase in grant funding due to impact of COVID-19;
    • (b) Approved grant support to ALL of the proposals submitted (in reduced amounts);
    • (c)  Approved the immediate release of grant funds via electronic deposit within a 2-week period.


Looking Ahead: Our Goals for the balance of 2020.

We recognize that the remainder of 2020, when we do return to some semblance of a NEW NORMAL, will result in a new set of opportunities for Helpers Community. We will remain diligent and dedicated to Continuing to track and measure our organization’s progress against our 3-year strategic development strategy adopted in 2019.

The Sale of our residence at 2608 Fulton Street

In January, Helpers board approved a $400,000 construction budget at our expense to rehab and refurbish former couture “estate sale” home for sale.

The Objective and Goal: to maximize sale proceeds for the purpose of purchasing 2 new additional group homes in 2021. These new homes will optimally provide a caring safe home environment for an additional 10-12 individuals with developmental disabilities within the Bay Area.

(To Read More about our progress… Click HERE

Thank you to our clients, customers, and the Helpers’ Community board and team for your commitment to our mission of helping those with developmental disabilities.

We are happy to let you know our residents at each of our Homes, our client employees in our store, and each member of the Helpers board and team are healthy, and safely sheltered in place until restrictions are lifted.

Wishing all of our partners, clients, and members of the entire Helpers Community extended family good health!

With gratitude and Please Stay Safe,

Robert “Harry” Harrison

Executive Director
Helpers Community
917.855.5800 (M)
415.387.3031 (O)